The Top 5 Dining Tables

1.Walnut Wood Table Set
Although not as popular, you’ll find that there are several walnut wood table sets out in the market today. They have this straight-lined grain pattern with colors that go from grey to reddish brown.

2.Birch Wood Table Set
Birch is inexpensive and abundant, capable of being stained into practically any color. The main advantage of this wood type is the fact that it can be made to ‘look’ into other types of wood, such as cherry. Strong and durable, it has a smooth surface and is typically creamy yellow in color.

3.Maple Wood Table Sets
Another favorite furniture material, maple wood is very versatile and boasts of a creamy white color. It is perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to modern-style kitchens because the shade allows for easy placement. It can work with any shade staining and still maintain the quality of its grain.

4.Cherry Wood Table Sets
Cherry wood is another fine material used for manufacture of table sets. They don’t come cheap because of their color that tends to change in time. Even exposure to the sun doesn’t destroy this wood and only makes it look better.

5.Oak Dining Table Sets
This is by far the most popular choice when it comes to kitchen furniture. Oak dining table sets are abundant, not too pricey, beautiful, and renowned for their durability. Definitely one of the best choices today, homeowners who want a classic for their dining room typically opt for oak-made sets.

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